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Envelope Repair and Restoration


Replacing faulty siding, windows, or an extensive remodel.

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Exterior building renovations.

A damaged building envelope can allow external elements such as moisture, temperature and air into a building structure. These elements can cause unwanted damage and may decrease the value of the property.

Envelope repair and restoration process

Our service includes a comprehensive assessment of damage and all necessary repairs, from a full-scale exterior renovation to selective siding repairs or window replacement. J.R. Johnson, LLC has an experienced and reliable staff that will ensure the outer shell of your property is protected and the building structure will keep its integrity.

We work with your architect and/or engineer to repair the building envelope to their planned specifications. We execute on these design plans and minimize disruption to tenants of multi-residential and commercial properties while providing our experience and reliability. You can expect an evaluation and breakdown of work, along with detailed estimates and continuous assessment of schedule to make sure you are aware of progress and conclusion of project.

Multi-residential and commercial property repair.

Occupied multi-residential and commercial properties experience.

As a property manager or building owner you can expect a financially engineered solution perfect for your repair and restoration budget. We provide comprehensive assessments of the damage and necessary repairs, then execute on these plans designed to minimize disruption to tenants.

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J.R. Johnson, LLC has extensive experience with building envelope repair and restoration.

Certified construction services.

Our team at J.R. Johnson, LLC has over 100 years of construction experience as well as a reputation for providing excellent service while getting the job done right.

  • Consultation Site Evaluation
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Continuous Assessment of Schedule
  • Project Management
  • Full scale remodels and renovations
  • Exterior Envelope (Full siding replacements)
  • AAMA Certified RLC-1 installers for all windows and doors
  • Full window and door replacement
  • Major deck, stairway, entryway and handrail rebuild or repairs
  • Siding & sheathing repairs/upgrades
  • Interior/ Exterior carpentry repairs
  • Interior/ Exterior drywall repairs
  • Waterproof deck/Entry coatings
  • Common area remodel

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We are mindful of occupants

Consideration for those living in and around our construction is important. 

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