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Commercial Exterior Painting


Professional commercial grade exterior painting services.

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Make a good first impression.

We partner with only the best paint manufacturers and apply our 40 years of painting expertise to ensure the long term integrity of your valued real estate assets.

40 years of painting expertise.

Quality exterior paint projects add years to the life of your property.

Does your property make a good first impression? Exteriors that are clean and maintained attract prospective tenants and reassure residents that the property is well cared for. Adding a fresh coat of paint can instantly enhance the exterior of your multi-family and commercial properties.

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J.R. Johnson, LLC has extensive experience with commercial exterior painting.

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Repainting occupied multi-family communities or commercial property.

J.R. Johnson, LLC provides high quality exterior painting services designed to add years to the life of residential and commercial properties. Our team works closely with site staff to ensure minimal disruption to the facility and its residents. Leave it to J.R. Johnson, LLC to turn your exterior paint job quickly and efficiently.

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