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Construction Defect Repair


Defect repair and restoration services due to faulty construction.

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Not all construction is created equal.

Building quality can be reduced because of budget concerns, tight timelines and labor costs, leaving many HOAs and property owners with a poor and sometimes dangerous end product.

Stop construction defects from reducing property value.

In some cases these defects in construction can also be dangerous for occupants and may lead to litigation.

Resulting from a variety of factors such as poor workmanship, inferior materials, or lack of proper waterproofing, the occurrence of construction defects is all too common and widespread.

In our initial evaluation of a building and its condition, we look for obvious signs of shortcomings, or for severe issues. We may open up the structure to reveal defective conditions in places not normally accessible. For deeper evaluations, we may use our state of the art equipment such as moisture meters, borescopes (optical device to see behind walls) and infrared cameras. We collaborate with the architect and/or building consultant to devise a high quality, cost-effective and timely plan for your property repair.

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J.R. Johnson, LLC has extensive experience with construction defect repair.

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Detection and repair of construction defects.

The most common and telltale signs of exterior construction defects are moisture intrusion, dry rot and mold growth. Construction defects reduce the value of the property and often pose risks to occupants. Trust J.R. Johnson, LLC to detect and repair any defects to restore safety and value to your property.

  • Interior and exterior renovation/repair
  • Exterior Envelope (siding replacements)
  • Window and door replacements
  • Major deck, stairway, entryway rebuild or repair
  • Siding and sheathing repairs and upgrades
  • Waterproof coatings

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