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Decontamination and Repair


Discrete, compassionate and professional cleaning and restoration.

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Crime scene and biohazard cleanup.

Proper crime scene and biohazard cleanup requires specialized equipment and training as well as strict compliance with state and federal regulations. A failure to properly remove biological and chemical contaminants can contribute to unhealthy and dangerous environments.

Integrity, discretion, and compassion.

We take pride in providing our professional services with the utmost integrity, discretion, and compassion. Rest assured that our staff is trained to manage the cleaning and restoration process as well as the sensitive nature of the situation.

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Health and safety come first.

Leave the dangerous and traumatic cleanup to the professionals at J.R. Johnson, LLC

J.R. Johnson, LLC’s certified technicians are expertly trained to safely remove biologically hazardous substances, thoroughly clean, and restore the property to a safe, non-hazardous condition. We work in complete compliance with OSHA and Federal Health and Safety Codes, as well as with the Medical Waste Management Act. We remove and safely dispose of bodily fluids, tissue and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime or death. All of our equipment is decontaminated after each site is completed. This helps control the unnecessary spread of biologically hazardous pathogens.

Covered by property insurance.

We will consult with you, and work with your insurance adjuster throughout the entire claim process.

We have a dedicated team ready to address this need by working on your behalf with your insurance company. We follow all state and federal regulations and ensure the environment is safe and clean to inhabit upon completion of our services.