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First Steps to Take


The critical first steps to take after water damage has occurred.

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What are the first steps to take in water damage restoration?

1. Shut off the main water supply into your home.

This valve is usually in the basement or on an outside wall in a utility area of the house.

2. Once the main water supply has been shut off, locate the actual source of the leak.

Simply stated, follow the trail of water. The most common and leak prone areas are faucet and toilet connections, water heater connections, and refrigerator icemaker lines.

3. Contact your insurance provider.

They will instruct you on the next steps to take in making a claim and provide you with a claim number.

4. Choose a contractor.

For the dryout and restoration work, insist on a firm, like J.R. Johnson, LLC whose workers are certified by The Clean Trust (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). With water damage, mold can begin growing almost immediately. It is critical to get the water loss remedied as soon as possible to avoid further damage and the health hazards microbial growth can cause you and your family. Poor restoration will leave you with an unhealthy home for your family. Standards for water loss restoration are constantly revised. You should insist that the work completed meets the most current industry standards. Ask your contractor which edition and guide he uses to ensure they are up to date.