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Restoration Process


Outlined steps involved in the water damage restoration process.

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Steps involved in the water damage restoration process.


If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to chemicals or mold, make sure that everyone involved in restoring your house knows that fact. You may have to insist that your contractor take special precautions. Your physician may be willing to write to your insurance professional, contractors or others if you have special needs. Make sure the the effected area is clean and sanitized to prevent mold.


The vital first step in preventing mold growth is getting relative humidity at the surface of materials below 60 percent within two days. This is why it is important to start drying as soon as possible.


Replace any electrical systems or plumbing that may have been damaged. Replace any sheetrock or wall materials in the damaged and affected area. Apply the appropriate paint and coatings to surfaces. Install new carpeting, hardwood or other flooring materials as necessary.