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Instructions for what to do after a home or business fire.

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What to do after a home or business fire?

1. Act quickly to avoid secondary damage.

It’s incredible how quickly a fire can consume a home and its contents. Not only is there damage from the fire itself but, once the fire is out, there is secondary damage to contend with—damage caused by smoke and the water and chemicals used by firefighters to extinguish the fire. Mold can set in almost immediately and spreads fast. Don’t delay. Contact us for immediate assistance.

2. Call your insurance professional.

Few of us know exactly what our insurance policies cover. Work with your insurance company agent or representative to find out what is covered, what is not covered and, what may be subject to further discussion. J.R. Johnson, LLC will help to facilitate this process by communicating and working with your insurance provider on your behalf.

Not insured? Contact the American Red Cross or Salvation Army for help getting back on your feet.

3. Your responsibilities.

You are responsible for notifying all affected parties and arranging for security of the site, rapid drying and smoke cleaning, and all other steps needed to minimize secondary damage. To do this, you will likely hire a company like J.R. Johnson, LLC that specializes in fire restoration. Call us day or night, 24/7, for immediate service 503.240.3388.